Richard Gruica

Captivating Croatia is led by Croatian-American chef and adventure traveler Richard Gruica aka Foodzilla.  It is his love of Croatia, from the centuries-old sea salt mines to the stunning vistas from the vineyards that has led him back to guide travelers in showcasing the wonders of the Adriatic in all its splendor. Richard is the Founder of Good Eats and Meets, the largest dining and socializing group in the United States with groups in 6 cities and tens of thousands of members. For the past nine years, Good Eats and Meets has organized thousands of events and is looking forward to doing the same in Croatia. Richard has been a longtime member of the Slow Food movement and was invited to speak at the 2014 Terra Madre Balkan Conference, which laid the foundation for idea of Captivating Croatia. By combining his love of his ancestral homeland and extensive research sourcing out the best of Croatia, Richard is confident that Captivating Croatia will give all the lucky guests a truly special and one of a kind experience filled with memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.