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Prepare to be transported to the fantastical setting of one of TV’s most beloved series and the breathtaking book series: Game of Thrones!

You’ll be transported on an unforgettable, unique excursion into the heart of Croatia, where you’ll discover the beautiful scenery of King’s Landing, Meeren, parts of Braavos, Gardens of Qarth and the Red Keep, plus much, much more. Relive some of your favorite scenes in real life on this epic 7 day adventure tour!

Some of the most beautiful exteriors in HBO’s Game of Thrones are shot on real locations in Croatia. This beautiful eastern Mediterranean country of stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and friendly people has helped bring to life the stunning scenery featured throughout the series.

Join our guides and local experts as they take you though extravagantly themed adventures on this truly behind the scenes tour. Enjoy Croatia hospitality, breath-taking natural beauty, mouth-watering cuisine, and truly fascinating history, as you visit sights and scenes rarely seen by people other than the cast and crew.

Imagine Khalessi’s dragons flying majestically above you, stroll through King’s Landing and imagine taking the Iron Throne–the wonders of Game of Thrones truly come to life on this tour unlike any other.

  • What's Included

    · 7 night’s accommodations · All Breakfasts-With your choice of an American styled breakfast (eggs and bacon/ham or typical Croatian breakfast served with pastries/breads, jams and jellies · Lunch provided 4 days · Dinners provided 4 nights with wine · Private airport transfer from and to Dubrovnik for arrival and departure · Professional driver and private vehicle for all expeditions · All entrance fees and Game of Thrones tour

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