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Captivating Croatia is excited to announce the Pearl of the Adriatic Tour to be based in and around the Dubrovnik area, which has been voted one of prettiest cities in the world. The tour will offer an intimate behind the scenes experiences, featuring lavish backdrops and breathtaking landscapes now made famous by the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. The tour focuses on delicious local foods, wines, and the amazing history and sights around the Dubrovnik area.</h4>

This tour is unconventional compared to other tours in that we consider Captivating Croatia ‘The Un-Tour Tour” – as our guests get the most unique personalized interactions during our tours. From the vineyards, to exploring the roads less traveled, our guests will be taking it all in from a mirco-perspective vs covering a lot of area throughout the entire country. We will not herd you like cattle, each tour is limited to 8-12 people, and Captivating Croatia tours will always be intimate and completely hands on.  You will get an authentic look into the lives of locals since you will be staying at private houses and residences. This will be a truly behind the scenes vacation, one to nourish the body and the soul.

This tour is being led by us, cooked by us, and savored by YOU.  Come ignite your passions with our land, our people, our food, our drink, our heritage, and experience the Pearl of the Adriatic!

  • What's Included

    · 7 night’s luxury accommodations

    · Breakfast everyday

    · 4 days’ Lunches

    · 4 nights’ Dinner (Wine Included)

    · Private airport transfer, private vehicle for all expeditions, and boat expeditions

    · Numerous visits to taste and sample wine, olive oil, and more directly from the source and meet the producers firsthand

    · All entrance fees and Game of Thrones tour

    · Cooking Courses and much more!

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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Arrival Day in Dubrovnik

  • Day 1 Details

    Arrive at Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) and have a private transfer (included) from the airport where you will begin to see firsthand what many consider to be one of the prettiest cities in Europe and is often called Eastern Europe’s Riviera. Check into your private accommodations where the Captivating Croatia welcome package filled with an assortment of Croatian delights awaits each guest and get acclimated to this beautiful city. Rest up before a group dinner (included) in the Old Town where you will meet your fellow travelers and feast on amazing Croatian delicacies.

Lokrum Island

  • Day 2 Details

    Breakfast is at your leisure (included). After breakfast, we will embark on a professionally guided walking tour of the Old Town of Dubrovnik (Ragusa). You will see a fairy tale like setting with marbled streets, narrow alleyways filled with cafes and stores, and ancient city walls along the stunning turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Our day continues with a short boat trip to the island of Lokrum (also known as the Island of Kings) for an (included) gourmet lunch with a view of the ancient monastery built in 1023. After lunch there will be time to explore the island with a hike, time to enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of this mystical island's beaches, or experience the special attraction called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea) where you can take a dip. Delight in the view of the famous peacocks walking freely all around this magical island. We will then head back to the Old Town where you can explore the city by night.

Konavle and Cavtat

  • Day 3 Details

    After breakfast (included) we will embark for a short jaunt inland to the municipality Southeast of Dubrovnik called Konavle where we will visit the landmark Old Mill by the river Ljuta. This fascinating place has a history that dates back to the start of the region. Afterward, we will explore ancient olive orchards where we will learn about the authentic Olive Oil making process and share information about what "Slow Food" is and the practices used by local artisanal producers. An amazing lunch is included. This feast is cooked with the Peka, which means under the bell, and is a wood fired cooking vessel that produces mouthwatering delights. After lunch, we visit an award winning winery that dates back to the ‘1300’s where we will enjoy a wine tasting that includes a “Best in the World” winner. We continue our journey as we travel to the southernmost town in Croatia called Cavat (Epidaurus). Cavtat is known for its lush Mediterranean vegetation, wonderful waterfront views and for being the first settlement of the Slavs founded even before Dubrovnik. In Cavtat, guests will experience a hands-on Croatian Cooking Class full of local sourced ingredients, which will be followed up with an (included) dinner featuring the dishes taught in the class. With your bellied full, and your senses heightened, we will return to Dubrovnik where you can dream about what tomorrow has in store for you.

Ston and Peljesac

  • Day 4 Details

    Enjoy breakfast (included) at you leisure before embarking on a journey to nourish the body and soul. Be prepared to be amazed as you view a wonder only thought to belong in the Orient. We will see firsthand what is called the "European Great Wall of China" and the fortified walls of the ancient city of Ston. The walls were built to protect the citizens of Ston and the precious commodity of salt (which, since ancient times, was as valuable as gold). Have your cameras ready as we will take a private tour of the oldest, and very picturesque, sea salt producing area in the world. After this, we will venture to a winery that weaves generations of family wine making traditions on the rocky terroir to create truly magical wine blends that, after tasting, will leave you begging for more. From the earth, we travel to the sea and board a boat to ride along the tranquil waters of the bay to the harvest the freshest oysters imaginable. You can even take a dip in the calm refreshing waters of the bay if you wish. Arriving back on land, we will dive into a seafood feast that we will cook for you! After lunch (included), we will get to experience a craft distillery which produces a number of flavored spirits and some bold wines from Peljesac, the original home of the Zinfandel grape varietal. We will then make our way to The Trsteno Arboretum. You will see first-hand what the producers of the super popular show Game of Thrones fell in love with. It is full of exotic plants, lush vegetation and several 500 year old trees set upon the bougainvillea covered 15th century renaissance summer residence of the Gučetić-Gozze family. It is a true paradise with a view to die for. Speaking of views, we will use the lesser traveled ancient Napoleonic built roads to get to a stunning vista, with a view of the islands before making our way back to Dubrovnik where the Old Town awaits ready to be explored.

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8


  • Day 5 Details

    After breakfast (included), have your bags ready since we will be spending the night on one of Croatia’s most loved islands tonight, the island of Korcula. We will then begin the most ambitious day of our tour as we venture to the rolling craggy hills and into the famed wine country. It begins as we stop at Grgic Vina, which is owned by the legendary Napa Valley winemaker, and Croatian-born, Miljenko “Mike” Grgich. Mr. Grgich helped get Napa Valley recognized around the world and has returned to his roots to do the same for Croatian wine. You will sip and savor wines from what has been voted one of best new hot spots in the world for wine. Next we will visit a decade’s old tavern located in an old wine cellar of a winery to experience a true gastro-oenological experience as we sample an assortment of cured meats and Croatian cheeses. With your mind, body and soul full, get ready for some island hopping as we venture to the charming port town of Orebic to await our ferry boat to Korcula. You will have some time to explore the city or take a dip in ocean. After a short boat ride, you will check into your accommodations and meet for dinner/drinks (included) before getting to explore the city by night.

Korcula Island-Dubrovnik

  • Day 6 Details

    After a night on the island of Korcula, where narrow walkways and summer palaces almost entirely circle the peninsula shaped city, you will check out and enjoy breakfast (included). We will then take in the sights of the city with its timeless beauty as we gaze upon the family home of Marco Polo. Afterwards, we will travel along the narrow country roads to Lumbarda, a sleepy fishing village that is surrounded by some of the finest vineyards in Croatia. This area produces a unique white wine to the region called “Grk”, which you will get to taste during lunch (included) at a quaint family owned trattoria on a vineyard. Next we will get to see the beaches in Korcula for our visit, as they are known across Croatia for being some of the prettiest and sandiest, which is a rarity along Croatia’s coastline. You will have some free time to swim in the crystal blue refreshing water or get in a little shopping before we take the ferry back to the mainland. We will stop and have dinner (included) along our return trip to Dubrovnik at a true gem of a spot along the water.


  • Day 7

    Guests will gather for breakfast at their own leisure (included). We will then visit one of oldest Farmer’s Markets in Europe situated in the heart of the Old Town to see and taste the local seasonal bounty. Have you seen the acclaimed HBO show King of Thrones? If so, you are in for a special treat as we will embark on a Game of Thrones City Tour! Dubrovnik, aka King’s Landing, is the fictional capital city of Westeros and we will take you to see many of the famous filming locations, with views fit for a King and Queen. After this exciting experience, you will get to see the custom made jewelry process first hand (which is one of Dubrovnik’s trademarks and has a unique and long history). Next, guests will have a choice of sunning themselves on the beach with stunning views of Dubrovnik or shopping for some souvenirs to take home. Your Captivating Croatia “Pearl of the Adriatic” tour comes to completion in the finest of styles as we take a cable car ride to the top of Srdj for the most breathtaking vista view of Dubrovnik and surrounding areas. We shall toast the end of this tour with a sunset cocktail and cherish the new friends and new experiences that just left a piece of your heart in Croatia.

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