Central Croatia

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Central  Dalmatia and  Islands

The  narrow  strip of  land that runs  the stretch of the  Croatian coast has some  of the most dramatic and captivating  landscapes in Europe. The idyllic coast is dotted with the limestone ridges of the Dinaric Alps, emerald rivers, and magnificent falls—with a scattering of islands like gems in the sea.

Just  add a happening  food scene  that  is winning accolades  with Croatia’s top-rated restaurant in Sibenik. Fabulous  seafood and fresh Mediterranean ingredients  grace the Dalmatian table. Venetian-style splendor, groundbreaking  wines, and some of the most pristine beaches in Europe define the central Dalmatian Coast.

Spring  and early  fall are the  nicest times of  year to visit Dalmatia,  where we tour and enjoy our  time without the hustle and bustle  of crowds and heat of the summer months.

  • The  buzzing  city of Split  is actually a “living  ruin” with the center situated  amongst the walls  of what  was Roman emperor Diocletian’s retirement  Palace—absolutely incredible.
  • Surprise!  The ancestor  of the Zinfandel  grape has been traced to  the Dalmatian coast,  in Kastela,  a region near  Split! Take some  home and impress your  friends!
  • Winemaking  reaches 2500  years back to  the Bronze Age and the  Illyrian tribes that inhabited Dalmatia and  the islands—how’s that for experience!
  • Croatia’s heart-shaped  island, Galesnjak, is known  as the island of Love, or Lover’s  island. It’s what inspired our Captivating Croatia logo.
  • Zadar  has the  most unique  waterfronts, with  two unusual water installations: The Sea  Organ uses the currents and tides to play  music and sound through a series of pipes, and  the solar-powered Sun Salutation collects energy during  the day, and at sunset comes alive in technicolor.
  • The Dalmatian dog breed takes its name from the Dalmatian Coast and dates back to Roman times.
  • Nikola  Tesla (where  the electric car  got its namesake),  the pioneer of electricity,  was born in  inland Dalmatia.
  • “Fijaka” is  likely one of  the best Dalmatian  expressions – utter relaxation  – a Dalmatian state of mind. You should read more about it in this article.

Signature  dishes and  specialties of  Central Dalmatia

  • Pag Island makes a world-famous cheese redolent of herbs and sea salt—a taste of the Mediterranean in one bite! It’s a cheesemaking tradition that dates back centuries.
  • Peka,  translated  as “under the  bell,” is the epitome  of Dalmatian slow food  – meat or octopus and potatoes  drenched in olive oil and herbs  and simmered for hours for a sublime  meal.
  • Crni  rizot—black  risotto made from  squid ink—is said to have antidepressant properties (amazing, right?).
  • Soparnik, a  large flat pie  stuffed with swiss  chard is a specialty  from a very specific hinterland area  above Omis.
  • Prsut  ham, made  in the hinterland  of Dalmatia and dried  in the strong “Bura” winds is the country’s  finest.
  • Everything on the the grill! A  ritual of beautiful simplicity—grilled  seafood, meats, calamari need only to be brushed  with olive oil and fresh herbs. A quintessential aroma  of Dalmatia is the scent of a wood fire grill mixed with laurel,  bay, olives. Someone should bottle this intoxicating scent!
  • Maraska  – Maraschino  liquors are produced  in the Zadar region.

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