Island Hopping Croatia Culinary Tour

Special Tour 8 days 7 nights Availability: 2019-09-28
Pelješac, Croatia Southern Croatia, Dubrovnik Tour Guide: Megan Riley

Island Hopping Croatia Culinary Tour

Captivating Croatia cordially invites you to join us and on a food and wine adventure. Croatia is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in the world, not only for his scenery but its culinary richness. Croatia offers 1100 miles of coastline, has a varied landscape of coastal towns, mountains and fertile wine growing regions. Croatia is also the birthplace of the zinfandel grape, an indication of the quality of wine you find here.

Megan Riley will be our guide for this culinary excursion, which takes place Saturday, September 28th to Saturday, October 5th, 2019. Get ready to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world as we visit several regions in Croatia, each brimming with culinary history and lore.

Spend 8 days along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. This is a trip is for people who love to eat well and drink wine in all of its splendor. We are going to see handful of carefully picked vineyards throughout the Dalmatian coast as well as embark on historic walks and food tours surrounded by several UNESCO world heritage sites.

This trip begins in spectacular Split and takes a meandering pace east to rural region of Imotski famous for its red and blue lakes and wine. Then we start island hopping with a trip to Korčula and then to the ‘empire of wine‘, Pelejšac peninsula, before the grand finale in Dubrovnik. Join us for 8 days of sun, wine & laughter.

Trip Price
The price of this trip is $3500 per person sharing a room or $3400 per person signing up as a couple. A deposit is required for each reservation.

This trip is in collaboration with Big Fat World Tours, who specialize in food, wine & active trips for solo and couple wanderers.

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  • 7 night’s accommodation in 3-5 Star Hotels
  • (7) B + (7) L + (7) D
  • Transportation within Croatia
  • Dubrovnik Food Tour
  • Oyster Boat Tour in Ston
  • 3 Wine Tastings
  • Airport Transfers
  • Airfare to Croatia
  • Departure and custom fees
  • Gratuities and individual daily expenses not covered on the tour
  • Additional meals and beverages not included above
  • Travel insurance including medical and luggage insurance
  • Trip cancellation
Arrive in Split and Depart from Dubrovnik.
Day 5 – Korcula
Croatia_korcula_large (1)
Day 2 – Dubrovnik Food Tour
Day 1 – Dubrovnik Sunset
Day 4 – Visiting Dingac

Megan is your guide for this trip. She came here first in 2015 and again in 2016 and 2017. She came for the beaches and stayed for the wine. She led her first food and wine trip here in 2017.

Travel Insurance
We highly encourage travel insurance fir this trip. Any flight cancellations or lost luggage is the responsibility of the traveler.

Cancellation Policy

There is a minimum $300 Cancellation Fee Penalty.

If you cancel:

  • 180+ days – You will receive a 100% refund of all monies paid for the tour minus a 10% cancellation fee
  • 120-179 days = 80% of monies paid by you returned to you minus 10% cancellation fee
  • 91- 119 days – 65% of monies paid returned to you minus the 10% cancellation fee
  • 90 -61 days to tour departure – 30% of monies paid returned to you minus the 10% cancellation fee
  • 60 days or less to tour departure – No return of any monies paid

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Island Hopping Croatia Culinary Tour


Split is Croatia’s 2nd largest city in Dalmatia and is equally as beautiful in its own right. Its one of the only cities in the world where the old town is actually inside an ancient palace called Diocletian. The great location of our hotel makes it easy to stroll around the ancient city or relax at the Riva, Split’s boardwalk.

Split also resides very close to some amazing wineries. We will visit to one of my favorite vineyards for its fruity rose and intense reds. Its called Babe [pronounced bah-bay] and is the most picturesque in Croatia. The winemaker will give us a tour of his hilltop vineyard and a wonderful tasting. Then there are  let’s hit several other winemakers in the region, Bibich and Sladić. These producers make some fantastic local varietals in both red and white. Bibich is considered one of the best winemakers in Croatia. After Bibich, we will visit another special winemaker called Sladić, where they are going to prepare a special wine tasting accompanied with delights from their garden. Expect to buy a several bottles.


The region of Imotski is one of the highlights of the trip. This town is on the edge of the border with Bosnia border and is famous for its blue and red lakes and is virtually free of tourism, which makes for a unique experience. It also boosts a spectacular winery, one of the tours favorites where we can attest to buying over 35 bottles on our  last group trip.

We are staying in a restored Croatian farm village high in the hills around the town and will dine on a traditional dish called peka. The property is quiet and gorgeous and will provide some much needed down time.


For a taste of a little island life, we are taking the ferry to Korčula. Korčula is one of Croatia’s most treasured islands although, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, not quite as popular. The locals event refer to the main town as “Little Dubrovnik” because of its medieval squares, churches, palaces and houses.

We are here to explore its old town and have a wine lunch of pošip, a delicious white wine famous in this region.

Pelejšac & Ston

Pelejšac is referred to as the ‘empire of wine‘ with acres and acres of vineyards along its 35 mile peninsula. Pelejšac is known for its high quality red wines and arguably the best called dingač. We have many planned wine stops here and will be spending 2 nights in the town of Orebić.

On the eastern edge of Pelejšac is the beautiful walled city of  Ston. Ston is the gateway to this wine region and well known for its cultivated salt. It is also where we are going on a private boat trip to learn how locals harvest oysters and mussels with plenty of samples and wine along the way.


Dubrovnik is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia and ask anyone who has been there, it’s possibly one of the most beautiful in the world. That’s why millions visit this city each year alone. The old city is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage city and it won’t take you long to see why. We have a couple days to soak it all in and are staying in Lapad, a charming neighborhood with its own beach.

Dubrovnik has lots to offer the visitor from a walk around its defensive walls to a cable car to the hills above it. We have planned a culinary tour in the old city to welcome you to a long standing love affair with seafood.

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