Why Croatia?

Croatia’s coastline is dramatic, vast, and dotted with over a thousand islands waiting to be explored. The country is full of caves, lakes, Alps, dramatic cliffs, and places such as the Dalmatian Coast which is a popular destination with its picturesque beauty. This is perhaps why Croatia is becoming one of the world’s hot spots and not only attracting visitors that appreciate it’s beauty and what it has to offer but also attracting the entertainment industry such as “Game of Thrones’ who showcase the uniqueness of the area and the magical historical surroundings.

Croatian cuisine is very regional but it draws its flavors from many cultures since it has been occupied and invaded by many different countries over the years. Mediterranean, Italian, Turkish, Austrian, and Hungarian are some of the influences that you will see and taste in the dishes. The wine that the country produces is world class and will leave you wanting more.

Getting to Croatia

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