Northern Croatia

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Northern Dalmatia and the Istrian Peninsula

What’s not  to love about  the heart-shaped  Istrian peninsula? It’s a gourmand’s dream come true. Seductive,  rustic, the soul of Istria is famous for its delicacies: The best-in-the-world Croatian olive  oils, truffle-filled forests, and the perfect terroir for winemaking.

Storybook  scenery of  hillocks topped  with medieval villages,  wine routes that wind through bucolic  countryside, Istria is called the “Tuscany  of Croatia,” and on a tour with us you will  see why. Combined with Zagreb and Slavonia, a tour  of these regions is a kaleidoscope of beauty and decadence  for the senses

  • The largest  truffle in the  world was found in  Istria in 1999!
  • Did you know Istria was once part of Italy? The Istrian language is a unique mix of Italian, German, and Croatian, and is on the UNESCO “Red Book of Endangered Languages” list.
  • The  Pula amphitheater  is one of just three preserved amphitheaters in the world—Istria  has a staggering collection of Roman ruins and history.
  • Istrian olive oils take gold and silver medals at international competitions—Italy has nothing on Croatia’s “liquid gold.”

Signature Istrian dishes and specialties

  • Fusi  – hand  rolled pastas of all shapes.
  • Truffles,  truffle oil,  truffle cheese,  truffle omelets,
  • Manestre  – a hearty  stew of beans  and veggies that  varies from village  to village
  • Great  seafood!  The peninsula  is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on  all sides.
  • Award winning olive oils
  • Superior  wines – Malvazija,  Teran. One  of the  best wine  routes in Europe.

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