To Suit Your Taste, To Suit Your Pace:
Self-Guided Tours by Captivating Croatia

At Captivating Croatia, we give you a choice—would you rather go on a tour led by a Croatian expert, or take a tour at your own pace, with expert information, but led by you?

There’s no right or wrong answer! We want you to experience Croatia in the way you will best enjoy it—but we’re here to help with whichever experience you choose!

If self-guided is “the way to go” for you, check out our self-guided itineraries, full of suggestions and recommendations on where to go and what to see—but on your schedule.

Seeing Croatia Authentically

What does “seeing Croatia authentically” mean to you? Will you visit the hot spots or “take the road less traveled?” Would you rather meander through markets, dine at the top-rated restaurants, or maybe do a little of both?

Whatever your desire, Captivating Croatia can create a customized holiday to suit your taste—literally!

The bottom line…

We sort out the logistics—the nitty gritty—and plan the special touches for your custom- tailored holiday. Choose a guided tour, or if you wish to take it all in at your own pace, go for one of our self-guided packages—the choice is all yours!

A little about us…

We have done extensive on-ground research in each region—visiting farmers, vintners, fishermen, chefs, and family run businesses to seek out both the finest local products and the people that really put their heart into what they do.

From the lay of the land, to the best ways to get around the country, to where you should rest your head after a day of decadence, we combine all of the elements for you to seamlessly enjoy fabulous food, authentic ambience, highlights and hidden gems, and Croatia’s charming people!

Be ‘captivated’ by Croatia…

Ready to begin your Croatian culinary adventure? Get in touch to begin planning your inspired itinerary today!

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